Morris IV

Presentazione collezione con campionario carta e stoffa
This exciting new collection from Morris & Co for Autumn/Winter 2005 demonstrates a subtle move from tradition, with classic Morris designs inter-playing with a selection of smart modern co-ordinates. Well known-and-loved designs have been reworked with soft autumnal colours and new interpretations of classic designs have emerged to create an up-to-date collection with timeless appeal.

Acanthus Scroll - Acanthus Scroll featured here is inspired by the original block print wallpaper designed by William Morris in 1874. Availalble in four colourways on fabric and wallpaper.

Brer Rabbit (also known as Brother Rabbit) shown right is taken from a 17th Century Italian silk and was first registered in 1882. Available on a printed cotton and striking wallpaper in 5 colourways.

Cray - This inspirational design has been a successful print and wallpaper in previous collections. 'Cray weave' is an elegant and beautiful adaptation of this Morris classic. Available in five colourways.
Minstrel chenille covering the opposite sofa offers a sophisticated and contemporary twist to the Morris look. Available in seven colourways.

Honeysuckle and Tulip was originally designed by William Morris in 1876 and now reproduced from the original Oxford St. Showroom "sampler". The design is complemented by the stunning wool plaids and checks, to create a more contemporary feel. Available in 4 new colourways.

Merton - A versatile scrolling leaf design, created from the background leaf motifs of 'Wild Rose' printed on a crisp fine cotton. Matching surface printed wallpaper. Available in 3 colourways.

Otterlie - A stunning epingle velvet on a natural linen ground inspired by poppy tile designs of the Arts and Craft movement. Suitable for upholstery. Available in 4 colourways.

Pearwood wallpapers are surface printed in a range of tones that create a co-ordinated scheme throughout the collection.

Sunflower - The copper rollers used to create the first 'Sunflower' wallpaper inspired this print design, designed by William Morris in circa 1877. Available in 4 new colourways.

Trellis is one of the first and most recognisable designs from William Morris, registered in 1864 and designed for his own home 'Red House.' Available in 4 colourways.

Woodford - The compilation of plaid, check and herringbone designs works in harmony with Morris IV prints and the rich natural colour palette. Available in 12 colourways.